Meet Intryc: Automate Quality Assurance for Your Customer Support

Sample tickets, evaluate human and AI agents, and unlock customer insights with the power of AI.

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Scale Your Customer Support QA with AI

Intelligent Sampling & Custom Scorecards

Analyse targeted samples based on custom rules and create tailored scorecard based on your internal playbooks, knowledge-base, or evaluations repository.

Automate Your Ticket 
Evaluations with AI

Score up to 100% of your tickets, try AI vs human A/B testing, and override AI evaluations when required.

Unlock a Wealth of Insights

AI-generated insights based on key topics, product areas, or customer service from your entire ticket base.

How Intryc Works

Available Plans

Intryc QA
Centralize and automate 
your QA operations
Automated sampling with custom rules
Scorecards with custom ratings, 
weights, and root causes
Workload management and automatic assignments
On demand help desk integrations with PII masking
Coaching sessions for agents
Team performance analytics and reporting
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Intryc AutoQA
Boost your productivity with AI, 
even if you don't have a QA team
All of Intryc QA offerings
AutoQA with custom criteria for up to 100% coverage
Detection for critical tickets for sampling
Gen AI coaching
Proactive product and process issue detection
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