NLU analytics for LLM products
Uncover deep, actionable insights into your LLM products to improve customer experience, conversion, and business growth.
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Challenges with the modern LLM application stack
Lack of actionable, real-time insights into customer preferences, intent, behaviour, and overall user base trends and patterns.
Lack of content effectiveness and accuracy visibility.
Lack of proactive error and anomaly detection and alerting.
Focus your team’s time, energy, and resources on what’s most important, your customers and product development, and we’ll take care of the rest.
E-commerce store co-pilot
• Uncover initial and ongoing user intent.

• Understand user engagement and preferences of your products and services.

• Uncover hidden risks and opportunities in your user/LLM conversations. From user satisfaction to model response inconsistencies and everything in between.
Virtual assistant solutions co-pilot
• Understand your users’ most critical business support needs.

• Uncover critical adoption and churn signals in your customer base.

• Build custom topic and intent dashboards to understand top user priorities and frustrations.

Coding co-pilot
• Discover popular themes and user intents throughout your customer’s building journey.

• Uncover user feature preferences, requests, and pain points throughout your entire customer base.

• Gain visibility into your users’ sentiment and models’ content performance across your AI products.

The Sentify Solution
Discover deep-meaning associations across topics, users, and conversations.
User and topic clustering for cohort and conversion analysis.
Product usage metrics, volumes, and sentiment.
Build real-time custom dashboards, set conversation tags, and export your data.
Set up alerts to monitor errors and anomalies in your data.
Messages and conversations deep dive and debugging.
Deployment and Security
Data integration with SDK and API.
Deployment on cloud and, on prem.
SOC 2 Type I & II and ISO 27001
We are in the process of obtaining both certifications. Please reach out to if you’d like more details on security practices and progress.
About Us

Our Culture

At Sentify, we don’t hide behind fancy job titles or set up bureaucratic processes. Instead, we treat our people equally and fairly and give them a ton of freedom and autonomy to create something awesome. We care deeply about our customers and strive to create something big that will add value to the world in each interaction. We make mistakes, we learn from them, move on, and we back everything up with data and logic. It’s all about getting stuff done and owning what we do. We’re bringing onboard exceptional talent to help us build the world’s leading LLM insights platform that will help shape the future of organisational LLM products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help organisations harness the power of Generative AI by gaining deeper insights into their users' interactions and conversations with LLM products. Our proprietary NLU technology enables teams to improve their internal business decisions, product development, and customer experience.

About Us

We are a group of ex-Meta, Amazon, Confluent, Revolut alumni with strong, complementary experiences across engineering, business management, marketing, sales and data science. Our passion that fuels our mission at Sentify comes from our conviction that we are at an inflection point, fuelled by the rapid evolution and proliferation of GenAI and LLMs, that will fundamentally change how humans interact with the digital realm. Even though LLMs are still nascent in their adoption and far from perfect in their everyday use, we believe that we’re experiencing a turning point similar to the dawn of the internet in our every day lives.

Human-LLM interactions are rapidly evolving and have the potential to provide tenfold improvements in how things are done today across various industries and functions. Our vision is to help organisations fully utilise their GenAI capabilities whilst offering their users an exceptional experience benefitting from the latest technological advancements in the AI space.

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